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Precision Bore Glass & Quartz Tube

Reworked Glass/ Quartz Tubing/ Processed Glass

You can download our E-catalogue (PDF) for more details.

Precision bore glass and quartz tubing made by HonHai is a reworked or further processed according to customer specifications. We can make these products using cold and hot processing techniques. These products are engineered according to the highest tolerances. Our highly skilled glassworkers along with our experienced engineers have designed these precision bored glass and quartz tubing to the specifications suitable for applications in aerospace systems, analyzing machinery, bio-medical instruments and other sophisticated electronics systems. We also have the ability to work in specialty glasses for glass-to-metal sealing.

Products offered by HonHai include
• Precision bore and Quartz tubing for Pyrex and other glasses
• Electronic glass components incorporating glass-to-metal seals, tube envelopes, tube sleeves
• Flowmeter and rotameter tubes
• Wave guides
• Optically flat plates, discs and slides
• Syringe barrels and plungers
• Laser glass envelopes
• High quality and precision bore square and specialty shaped tubing products
• High voltage capacitors
• Precision glass Dissolution Vessels
• Borosilicate capillary glass tubes for optical fiber communications/optoelectronic products
• Borosilicate capillary glass tube/vial for pet animal identification
• Glass tubing for flash lamp manufacturing. Additionally, our tungsten sealing glasses are manufactured to a very tight level of geometrical accuracy which allows for stable and cost-effective processing. Glass beads are also available, allowing for the relevant glass to be fused with electrodes
• Borosilicate glass for sealing with KOVAR metal, molybdenum and Tungsten, highly UV transmitting, photomultiplying and UV detecting

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