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Scientific Laboratory Glassware

Lab Glassware/ Scientific Glass Equipment/ Glass Lab Components

You can download our E-catalogue (PDF) for more details.

In HonHai's Pyrex glassblowing division, our employees produce our excellent scientific laboratory glassware and heat resistant glass products.

We produce a wide range of reusable, disposable and specialty glassware for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, life sciences and chromatography applications to name a few. Some of the most popular products in these lines include glass beakers, flasks, cylinders, vials, culture tubes funnels and pipets.

Pls. see below details for our scientific laboratory glassware collections.

Adapters, Crucibles, Impingers, Spatulas, Ampules, Cylinders, Jars, Starter Packs, Arsine Generators, Dairyware, Jugs, Stirrers , Beads, Desiccators, Kits and Labsets, Stopcocks and Valvesr, Glass beakers low form with spout, Dishes, Lab Starter Kit, Stoppers, Laboratory Glass Bottles, Dispensers,NMR Tubes, Syringes and Needles, Brewing,Dissolution Vessels, Glass Microscope Slides, Glass Cover Slips, Volumetric Glassware, O-rings, Thermometers,Burets, Burette, Distillation, Petrochemical , Tissue Grinders, Caps, Closures, Septa, Drying, Pipets , Disposable Culture Tubes, Disposable Glass Test Tube with beaded rim or straight rim, Cell Culture, Extraction, Purge and Trap, Tubing and Rod, Centrifuge Tubes, Filtration,  Filtering Apparatus, RAY-SORB®, Vacuum And Airless, Chromatography, Boiling Erlenmeyer Flasks, Boiling round bottom Flask, Boiling flat bottom Flasks, Culture Flask, Rotary Evaporator, Vials, Clamps , Freeze Drying, Weighing / Transfer Funnels, Concentrators, Funnels, Serialized Glassware, Washing / Gas Sampling,Condensers, Heating, Sleeves, Watch Glasses, Cones, Hydrometers, double or single wall glass reactor, glass liquid separator, glass distillator,UV reaction glass instrument, glass elbow, glass spray pump, chemical/pharmaceutical glass pipe, glass three links/tee/T-cock , glass valve/tap, glass cross tee/four-way, volumetric flask, Pasteur pipette,measuring glass,separatory funnel, graduated pipette,reagent bottle, drop ping bottle,burette,standard ground joint, filter funnel, test tube, petri culture dish, measuring cylinder, measuring pipette, bulb pipette. 

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