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Pyrex Glass Casseroles & Bakeware

Glass Bakeware/ Heat Resistant Glassware/ Household Glassware

You can download our E-catalogue (PDF) for more details.

In our heat resistant borosilicate glassware division, we employ over 80 highly skilled workers and automated equipment to manufacture high quality and durable baking dishes and other household glassware that is oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

• Heat resistant borosilicate food storage glass jar/container
• Heat resistant borosilicate round, oval, oblong, square and rectangular glass baking dishes/roasters/casserole bakeware,Glass Bake & Serve Set, Glass Bake sets, Glass Ovenware, Glass Oven Sets
• Heat resistant borosilicate glass mixing bowls (glass prepware), measuring cups
• Heat resistant borosilicate glass egg coddler, glass egg boiler cooker
• Heat resistant borosilicate coffee glass pot/cup
• Borosilicate glass cover for water meters, electric power meters (ammeter, watt meter, energy meter, watt-hour meter, KWH meter, amperemeter, electrometer ), energy meters, gas meters, heat meters, cooling meters
• Heat resistant borosilicate lighting glass cover
• Borosilicate level gauge glass and sight glass
• Borosilicate juicer blending jug/jar
• Borosilicate par lighting glass cover
• Borosilicate baby feeding bottle

Pyrex (borosilicate ) air oven/fryer/roaster glass pot, halogen oven glass pot

We also do lots of custom glassware designed by our customers.

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