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Borosilicate 3.3 Glass Category

    1. Borosilicate Glass SheetIn 2006, we developed a "micro float" process for producing borosilicate glass sheet. Over the years we have made steady improvements in glass warping, waviness, and optical quality.
    1. Borosilicate Glass Tubing & RodWe are China's leading manufacturer of borosilicate 3.3 clear and colored glass tubes and rods thanks to years of experience and outstanding output capabilities.
    1. Precision Bore Glass & Quartz TubeOur highly skilled glassworkers along with our experienced engineers have designed these precision bored glass and quartz tubing to the specifications suitable.
    1. Scientific Laboratory GlasswareIn HonHai's Pyrex glassblowing division, our employees produce our excellent scientific laboratory glassware and heat resistant glass products.
    1. Blowing GlasswareIn our glassblowing division, our highly skilled workers manufacture high quality glass products for all sorts of different daily use applications.
    1. Pyrex Glass Casseroles & BakewareWe employ over 80 highly skilled workers and automated equipment to manufacture high quality and durable baking dishes and other household glassware.