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Soda Lime Glass Tube & Rod

Borosilicate Glass/ Heat Resistant Glass/ Soda Lime Silica Glass

In our soda lime glass tube and rod production division, we produce soda lime silica glass  ( Schott calls AR-Glas AR Glass) in a wide variety of outer diameters, thicknesses and lengths.

Applications of Soda Lime Glass Tube & Rod
Engineering Heat exchanger, glass apparatus, instruments/barometers/aerometers/sight glasses, other engineering uses
Renewable energies Photovoltaics, solar collectors
Signal Intensifier, Detectors & (Fibre-) Optics Transmitter and X-ray tubes, fiber optics, other electrotechnology/electronics
Home Glass fiber applications, aquarium heating tubes, furniture, sprinkler fuses, food packaging/cosmetics, architecture, Christmas ornaments, giftware
Lighting Explosion proof lighting, neon tubing, lamp bulbs, exhaust and plate tubing
Laboratory/Industrial Technology Glassblown laboratory ware, test tubes, measuring cylinders, pressed glass articles(e.g.balls,lenses), Technical articles, medical technology (microlitetre syringe, pipettes), thermometry, other laboratory/industrial technology
Pharmaceutical Packaging Vials, tablet bottles

Chemical and Physical Data of Soda Lime Glass Tube & Rod

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