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Glass Cosmetic & Makeup Containers

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Our glass cosmetics containers (perfume bottles, nail polish bottles, cream jars, etc.) are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are a perfect combination of durability and beauty just like their contents. They're great for storing perfumes, lotions, creams,essential oils,fragrance oils in the industry of personal care, health wellness,aromatherapy. Our heavy wall glass jars are great for cosmetic type products from creams, perfumes, lip balms ,aromatherapy products, essential oils, lotions, tinctures, bath and body care and more.

For light-sensitive items, our blue, green and amber glass bottles may be the ideal packaging solution. We have a wide variety of options for closure. We provide various caps, bulb drop pers and tamper proof insert s. Pls. check below our product lines, however the possibilities are limitless.

• Straight sided squat jars
• Salve jars
• Lip balm jars
• Boston round bottles
• Perfume bottles
• Oblong roll-on bottles
• Cylinder bottles
• Square bottles
• Glass bulb bottles
• Frosted glass bottles

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