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Glass is one of the most useful materials on planet, and through various processing techniques and additives, its applications are nearly limitless. Shandong HonHai Industrial Group produces a wide range of glass products, including borosilicate glass tube, rod and its related glassblowing articles, glass ceramic, borosilicate glass sheets, borosilicate molded glassware, pharmaceutical glass packaging, lamp lighting glass shell and daily consumer glassware.

Division for Borosilicate Glass Tube, Rod and Its Related Glass Blowing Articles
In 1994 we established operation and started manufacturing borosilicate 3.3 colored and clear glass tubing, rods and related glassblowing products. Through the years we have evolved into a major manufacturer with an annual glass tube output of over 150,000 metric tons and with excellent precision.

We also redraw (secondary processing on tubing) high precision bore glass and quartz tube for optoelectronics, fibre optics telecommunication, medical and other special applications.

Additionally, we make scientific laboratory glassware, heat resistant glass tea and coffee sets, glass baby bottles, lamp shells, glass bong water pipes and other glassblowing products.

Division for Borosilicate Molded Glassware
Due to our expertise and advancement in electric furnaces, we established a new factory in 2001 for glass production allowing us to produce high quality tempered and heat resistant glass products, such as heat resistant glass baking dishes, casseroles, food storage glass jars and others that are oven, microwave, freezer (refrigerator) , dishwasher free.

Currently, we have an annual production capacity for borosilicate molded glassware of 5,000 metric tons.

Division for Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging
From the beginning, we have been manufacturing glass packaging products for the pharmaceutical industry. This includes neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tube USP TYPE I, tubular glass vial & ampoule, glass cartridge, glass prefillable syringes.

This division has an annual turnover of around $30 million.

Division for Lamp Glass
In 1999, we established our specialized factory designed for the production of lamp glass. The factory is outfitted for the handling of soda lime glass tubes, lead glass, lead free glass tubes and lamp & lantern glass cover/shade/shell/globe/chimney, etc.

Division for Daily Consumer Glassware
In 2005, we expanded production to include glass cosmetic containers, glass kitchenware and tableware.

We successfully developed a flat borosilicate 3.3 floated glass sheet and glass ceramic material that is durable and can be used to make beautiful household products.

Our factories are equipped with advanced machinery and a staff with excellent production know-how, all under the supervision of a quality management and supervision system. Our commitment to quality is an ongoing mission that revolves around constant improvement for the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

Through innovation we want to reinvent glass and share our findings for all of our customers to enjoy.

Core Advantages

Glass Tube
We operate comprehensive product lines to satisfy the various industry demands for glass tubing products. e.g soda lime glass tube, borosilicate 3.3 glass tube, neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass tube, lead glass tube, lead free glass tube, high precision bore glass & quartz tube, color neon glass tube to name a lot...

Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
With our cutting edge expertise in the production of glass products using electric glass furnace technology, we have the ability to produce various glass products that provide amazing heat resistance for everything from cooking to laboratory applications. e.g heat resistant glass bakeware, baking dishes, casseroles, roasters, food storage glass jars, scientific laboratory glassware, heat resistant glass teapots, tea glasses/cups, double wall glasses, glass coffee sets, glass bong water pipes, lamp & lantern glass chimney/globe/shell/shade/cover...

Borosilicate Glass Sheet
We have developed a micro-float technology to produce borosilicate glass sheets, making us only the third company in the world capable of this ( after Schott's BOROFLOAT and Corning's 7740 Pyrex ).

Glass Ceramic
We have also developed a pressed-extended technology to create ceramic glass. This puts us among a small number of manufacturers (Pyroceram, Ceran, Eurokera, Zerodur, Macor, Kanger, Firelite, Neoceram fire rated, Keralite, Sitall )capable of this feat.

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