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Lamp Glass Cover

Glass Lamp/ Lantern Cover/ Lighting Cover

You can download our E-catalogue (PDF) for more details.

Our glass lamp/lantern/lighting covers are made using borosilicate 3.3 glass which will improve light transmittance and efficiency. These lamp glass covers are particularly effective for street lighting, high-bay lighting, LED spotlights, and flood lighting applications due to its durability and luminary effects.

We have product series of glass Lamp/lantern/lighting/lamplight shell/shade/chimney/globe, glass hurrican lamp chimney, glass oil/kerosine lamp chimney, incandescent glass bulbs, street lighting, high-bay lighting, LED spotlight, flood lighting, plano convex glass lens, reflector lens, projector, fresnel lens, Led floodlights, highbay lights(UFO), street lights, garden lights, panel lights, led tubes, bulbs, led light bar(for cars), led luminous furniture, led strip lights etc.

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